Deslynn Malotana

Black Love (ft. Andy Mkosi)

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We hope ya’ll are ready for this sauce!

So new to our radar is Deslynn Malotana, with her latest single, Black Love. Featuring Capetonian rapper, Andy Mkosi, Black Love is a necessary reminder of self-love in a society whose rigid idea of beauty is a fair complexion, a slim body and straight hair.

Written by Deslynn and Andy Mkosi, the track was composed by Yvan Potts, produced by Eugene Ackerman and Ruchen Christians and co-produced by Joshua Katts. It was mixed by the award winning Dave Langeman from Creative Native Productions and mastered by Rogan Kelsey of Kelsey Mastering.

You know what, ya’ll ain’t ready… catch the sauce after the jump!


You can catch Deslynn on Facebook here.

We also have her Instagram handle here.

Catch her tweets over here.

And we can’t forget her SoundCloud page, linked here.

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