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Originally from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, Jeri Sketch is a Cape Town-based producer who’s worked with the likes of Manny, Chief D and M.O while collaborating with Southern Project. His latest release, The Neighbourhood, is a beat tape that has been making waves across the interwebs.

We spoke to him about how he got his start in the music game, what he’s been working on and what we can expect next.


Tell us, when did you start making beats?

Between 2015 and 2016. That’s when I really started to understand the dynamics of music and the intricacies that go into making a beat.

What sparked your musical journey?
I’ve always loved music and how it makes way for individual expression. So through that I found myself trying to understand FL Studio… I’ve been at it ever since!

Who are your top 5 South African producers currently?

Kimosabe (I think he’s slept on ALOT!)

Sean Soul (my homie from the Bay)

Mash Beatz

Wichi 1080

Jeri Sketch (lol)

What are the top 5 hip hop records on your playlist right now?

ByLwansta – Indian Ocean

Shane Eagle – Need Me (ft. KLY)

Amilca Mazerati – Phuma

Southern Project – Bambi Gazi

M.O – Motive

What are your plans for 2018?

Definitely growing within myself. I would like to engage more with the hip hop community and listeners at large.

I’m still looking for a sound which is authentically mine but it’s all a work in progress.


You can catch Jeri Sketch’s tweets here.

We also have his Instagram for you here.

His Audiomack page can be found here.

And we can’t forget his SoundCloud page, linked here.











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